Day 5:  Plant growth

Plants are happily growing. I wish I had posted some photos or videos but since I had a busy weekend doing other housekeeping stuff, I postpone this. I have some pretty plans for the future, though, as far as media is concerned.

The temperature in the tank is stable at 25 °C. Without any heater. The room temperature is lower, but I think the LED light is warming it up 2–3 °C.  There is no trace of algae yet which is both good and bad. It’s good because more CO2 is available for plant growth, but it’s bad because I can’t buy shrimp yet. They’d have nothing to eat.

Some plants forking and saplings growing. About 1 cm of water has evaporated. I have filled a bucket of water for tomorrow’s fill-up. I just let it stand for 24 hours to lower its chlorine content.

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